Futures, Options, CFD
Demo trading all-in-one solution


Fast Price x Fast Order

We are very proud of the lightning live price and order processing. Try to compare with other solutions

Stability of Order

We provide stable order processing even if a high volume of order transactions at the same time

Trader Friendly

Beautiful and simple UI only focused on trader perspective helps easy trading helps easy trading

Simple Real-Time Admin

Can monitoring and manage all status of users, positions, exchanges, symbols in real-time

Massive Order Processing

Our enhanced performance of the entire back-end provides a bunch of transactions/sec.

A.I Market Status

Symbol status became hard to trade, stop symbol to trade then will start again when back to normal

Incredibly fast & useful Order Book Window

  • The lightning speed of the latest price and Bid/Ask status

  • Easily recognize account live status: Profit & Loss, Fees, Balance, Evaluation

  • Symbol property: Expiry Date, Tick Value, Fees

  • Market status: live or closed, time left to close, OHLC, changed % as graphic

  • Supporting Take/Stop auto-trading option

Supporting OS:
CME Futures Demo trading solution
Futures and Options business solution

One-sight account and position status showing

Figuring out at once what is in the account now and execute exit as one click

  • Can figure out easily all live positions, pending orders, MIT conditions, and its evaluation

  • Can kill all or all short positions/all Long positions

1. Provide entire history

Order history included canceled order, profit/loss by each position, point-in/out history included cancel, entire balance updated, daily P/L

2. Free Export report

Can export filtered datasheet to Xls format file

3. Provide useful filter and sort function

Provided various drop-down filters to show exactly user want

CME Futures Demo trading solution

Economic Calendar

All data are streaming and updated automatically

All related countries and market event
  • Upcoming important event of actual, forecast, previous

Futures and Options trading solution
Futures and Options Demo trading solution chart

Beautifully designed high-performance native chart

Provided multi-open chart windows with very little latency

  • Select minutes, hours, days, week, month

  • Bull or bear market by chart window background color

  • Mouseover: OHLC

Simple And Affordable Pricing

We are offering plans by providing functions. Less function, less pricing.

Basic: Version 1.0
$ 4,000 /mo

Pay only Basic pricing till described Advanced functions are fully provided

Available Now
  • Windows user application
  • All real-time price data
  • Free high-performance server
  • Landing page(Download)
Advanced: Version 2.0
$ 6,000 /mo

Pay only Basic pricing till described Advanced functions are fully provided

Estimate 2022
  • All-inclusive Basic +
  • KRX Option, EUREX Option
  • Partner web portal
  • A.I symbol Stop/Go
All-in-One: Version 3.0
$ 8,000 /mo

Pay only Advanced pricing till described
All-in-One functions are fully provided

Estimate 2023
  • All-inclusive Advanced +
  • Android user application
  • Dark/Light theme UI
  • In-app Chat support
All of our Pricing Plans include FREE:
  • Free real-time price: KRX, HKEX, SGX, CME, Etc...

  • Free server hosting: Web server, DB, download server

  • Free support email: support@yourdomain.com

  • Free server upgrade: Increase CPU, RAM, HDD, ETC...

  • Free upgrade real-time server license

  • Free 45 currency exchange rates

*No hidden cost except heavy DDOS protection Basic protection defends against the most common attack

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does take to open?

If you choose one of our pre-made sites, only 1 hour.
If you want to use a new/own domain, will take 3 days.

2. What type of payments do you accept?

We are receiving only Ripple(XRP) now. We will let you know XRP address and destination tag when you sign.

3. How do I pay monthly?

Transfer XRP to our account once a month. Equivalent plan's XRP Qty based on market price of transfer date's

4. Do you provide a Demo/Test account user ID?

You can set the user's property to user/tester in the admin. Once set as 'tester' that ID running mode as 'demo/tester'

5. Can I manipulate price data or slippage?

No, you can't manipulate price or slippage. We provide pure price and only 1 tick slippage to users when entry/exit.

6. How can I close the service?

Unpaid monthly plan 3 Days: Block admin, Unpaid 5 Days: Block users, Unpaid 30 Days: terminate site permanently.

Simple 4-Step Process

Try install and test first Sonic Trader Windows application and web admin

Step 1
Futures trading solutions
Agreement sign

We will send you agreement to sign

Step 2
Futures trading software icon
Make Payment

Transfer XRP to Sonic Trader account

Step 3
future trading icon

Choose pre-made site or send us logo and info

Step 4
Futures trading HTS
Launch Service

Pre-made: 1 hour
your brand: 3 Days

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